Redesigned private communication

kisbleTM is the first 100% anonymous chat that redefines and simplifies communication


Get surprised by amazing features

Audio Control

Get absolute control over your continuous audio messages, stop and go, stop and go

Double Tap for Message Deletion

Double-tap on a private message and watch it disappear on your mobile and on our server

Priority Message

You want your partner to read this now? Then send him a priority message to ensure it

Snap Message

Have you ever sent a message that was useless after 15 minutes? Not anymore with Snap Message!

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How it works

Anonymous Account

Create your own unique username and password. It is impossible to link you, as a person, to your account. No personally identifiable data is collected

Find and be found

Choose to be found or not. Share publicly or privately your @account name for search intentions

Most advanced messaging audio control

Control in a new, convenient way your voice messages

End-to-end encryption

All your messages and other send content are end-to-end encrypted on our servers and all devices

Complete deletion control

Deleting has never been simpler: double tap and delete permanently your or your chat partner’s messages


Kisble will grow: you will get badges for your profile, emergency messages, bottle post and many other features. Subscribe today and help us grow

Keep Control !


EASY register .

Choose your unique and anonymous @account-name and nickname


START chat .

Invite friends, start to chat, create groups,...


SMART delete .

schedule the deletion of any message sent on the receiver phone and on the server

Some frequently asked questions.

Your communication is more than a send button. Communication is interaction, relation, emotion, organisation, strategy, information… We don’t try to compete with other messenger. Because we just are different. We redesign communication for you: providing a more intuitive interface in your palm adapted to your natural communication needs. Find out how easy voice messaging becomes, how to keep or delete your and others messages from your phone and our servers through gamification. Personalise and enhance your messaging style with features like emergency and snap messages. And discover more in the future: we have a clear roadmap for new features coming up in the next months.

Kisble is funded entirely through transparent micro-donations, sponsors and monthly subscription fee deducted by Google Play store and Apple Store. These donations and contributions allow us to cover server costs and continuously propose improvements while remaining neutral and independent, much like Wikipedia. Unlike other free messenger apps, Kisble is a tool at your disposal and your data remains your property. At no point do you become a product!

You don't need a phone number or email address to sign up for Kisble, just your chosen nickname and password that you create for yourself. Kisble uses servers situated in Western Europe and encrypts all messages 100% automatically. We provide features that make it easy and intuitive to delete your or others messages in a second. Kisble’s priority is to connect you with people you know. But you can also decide to be found via your nickname in the search results. Just activate this option in your settings.


Help the community to stay free !

Many independent platforms like Wikipedia, and others need your help to stay independent. Likewise, Kisble needs your help to remain an independent, private chat app, without external string pullers.